29 sept. 2010

New buy


Ok, it's a simple t-shirt, 
but I fell in love immediately...
I bougth it in Zara the day before yesterday
and I'm pretty sure I will use it more than everything else,
even more than heels...!! ;)
Have become excited when realizing that my blog has more that 1000 visits!!
For some blogs that's nothing, but, for me, that it's quite a lot!

Thank you for being so so nice!!! 

28 sept. 2010


Yesterday was non-stopping, and it was just impossible for me to take any photo...
Anyway, I show you one from this weekend, 
spent with my bf, his family, and, of course, our little and clever dog...!

Wanted to use this black H&M lace dress for a post. 
So comfortable and nice (..have it white too!). 
Of course, it could be better with heels, but, oh, I must confess, I am a disaster... 
I wear heels not so often...  and usually forget... :(
Believe me I love them, I only need to make some effort...!!! ;)

Lace dress by H&M
All the rest by Zara

25 sept. 2010

And finally I got IT...

...and I want, first of all, to share it with you! 
Softness, tone and perfect fit are the clues of this jacket.
Hope you all like it!
I'm going bed right now, I haven't stopped today...
 Good night (or morning =D) to everyone!!

24 sept. 2010

Come and play!

I have dared to wear one day more a dress with my bare legs... 
(I prefer taking advantage of these days because then we will get bored of the freezing winter!!!)
It's not very cold outside, but anyway I will use soon thin pants...

Zara jacket
H&M dress
Zara shoes
Zara bag

21 sept. 2010

H&M shirt

This is me wearing the shirt I bought some time ago. 
Soon you'll see the one black I have too...!
Does it happen to you??
Can you avoid buying the same tempting garment in different colours??! *_*

The jeans and shoes are from Zara
and the belt from Oysho

Have a nice day, sweethearts!!

20 sept. 2010

Good old times

Here some recents pics from this summer...
Hope you all had a great weekend!
The hat is from H&M man

17 sept. 2010



Hi, everyone!! 
Today the weather is a little bit crazy and, while my bf and family are watching a movie, 
I am here pleasantly posting some pics of this morning and eating some good chocolate...;)
I must say this blog is helping me everyday to improve my knowledges about blogs, 
social networks and computing in general!!
Thanks to all your sweet comments and visits I must keep up to date!

T-shirt: Zara
Shorts: Oysho
Bag&Sandals: Zara
Comb bracelet: Diesel

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Just vote by clicking in the widget, just on the left side of this blog...
The prize is an exclusive and awesome trailer!

Thanks so much!! 

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