31 mar. 2011

The race is long

::New parka for spring::

30 mar. 2011

The animal clue

Super Diane Kruger + the awesome S/S 11 collection from Giambattista Valli

29 mar. 2011


Quite often I show you summer dresses 
please, don't blame me for that.. 
Because of their comfort
they're like an uniform to me... *_* 
The more hurry I have, 
the more stressed I am 
or the more careless I feel, 
the more I wear them..


All from Zara

28 mar. 2011

Fly high

That is the bag I love right now,
wings which mean freedom
to travel away
forget work
and lose myself under the sun...

Zadig&Voltaire SS10

27 mar. 2011

The new it-girl

She isn't probably the most refined girl in the world,
but I'm pretty sure she gets always what she wants ;)

Have a good starting of the week!

26 mar. 2011

The best way

Hi guys, how's your weekend going on?
Mine is quite relaxed and homely...
Yesterday met some friends that hadn't seen for long
and today I've been at home nearly all the day..
(in fact, that is another of my "wierd" hobbies ;) )

By the way I'm not used to wear much jewelry
only rings and sth more..
Here I show you one of my latest cravings..
Do u like it?!

Bunda Boutique ring

24 mar. 2011

Here they are: new acquisitions
for summer
you know black is going to attract attention
as a weird trend...
we all have to be unnoticed 
in summerish colours ;)

And now my horoscope for today, I like today's advices!:

You should be more than up for any type of challenge today. 
If an awful lot is expected of you, 
don't hesitate to deal with all your duties and obligations. 
Just remember that hard work is the key to success for you right now, 
and you should end up coming out ahead before all is said and done.
Don't be surprised if you end up having to deal 
with some important or powerful people today. 
But you may be challenged by others in some way. 
You ought to be able to come across very well though, 
and this should be a great time for you 
to show just what you’re capable of.

(I'm a Cancer girl!)
All items are from Zara

23 mar. 2011

Our little world

This pic was taken two weeks ago, 
either Cinna and me made an effort to pose
and must say, however, 
that I love more and more rainy days,
to breathe pure air and walk alone...

Have a great Thursday,
weekend is coming!!

Red rain coat by Mango
Skirt, bag and shirt by Zara
Evercreatures wellies

22 mar. 2011

Look at the Miss

Three pieces I adore from Missoni
and recomend u
if only you can afford'em ;)
Hope your week is going really well,
mine is quite busy, think I need some holidays soon...



21 mar. 2011

Mélanie Huynh

Sources: Vogue

She is such an inspiration for me
either in black (without any doubt, her must)
or in any other colour
she will always dazzle...

20 mar. 2011

Off the record

So, here's the end of the weekend
but, don't leave you 
without presenting u my new green pants!

Good night!

19 mar. 2011

Random collage

Some photos taken with my HTC,
which always comes with me,
and save each special moment in my life.

Live stream

Hi everyone!
How´re u? What are your weekend plans?
I´ve come to visit my family
and see old friends
(also have some home-work waiting for me..-.-)
I´ll try to do the best and page all,
as weekends are soooooo incredibly short for me...

Have a perfect Saturday, guys!!!

Polo Ralph Lauren shirt
Blanco jeans
Zara belt

17 mar. 2011

What to need: G-star boots
What to want: Miu Miu glitter brogues

Really sad and thoughtful these days
due to all worldwide news upcoming right now
Thinking about Japan, Lybian and Bahrein,
about a friend who's being directly affected.

Please, pray and help all you can, 
efforts will be in some way useful for sure.

15 mar. 2011

Run Bambi Run

She's the wild side of the catwalk,
the pretty girlish smile and
the funny picture.

Long life to Bambi!

14 mar. 2011


Believe me or not
it's not from my grandmother
(though I'd wish so),
but reminds me so much of her...

Ok, time for a rest
today I'm totally K.O.


Zara bag 

13 mar. 2011

Life in technicolor

I've spent many hours of this weekend sleeping, 
which is one of my very favourites hobbies.. 
Of course, rain has help, no plans in mind...

12 mar. 2011

Time for relax

These pics were taken last weekend,
relaxing time with friends
Went several times to the gas station,
not even all the food of the world was enough for us...
Maybe due to the freezing weather we had!!
Planning to repeat soon,
hopefully on a warmy weekend 
and maybe with a bathsuit!!

H&M jumper and leggings
Zara t-shirt and bag
Evercreatures wellies

11 mar. 2011

10 mar. 2011


Want to thank Mireia from my daily style
for featuring me!! 
She's one of the most stunning and stylish bloggers, 
so it's an honour being on her site...

9 mar. 2011


Cool, aren't they?!
My next glasses will be probably like that ones...
(let's keep our finger crossed!!)

8 mar. 2011

Cold dark ground

These are my new, but from A/W season,
black leather ballerinas
do u guys like them?
Zara is the responsible...
Have a good night!!

7 mar. 2011

Red pants

After a whole day riding a trial motorbike 
with my bf and some friends,
I am nearly asleep by now...
-Going to bed immediately-

Good night to everyone!

H&M sweater
Blanco red pants
Zara moccasins

6 mar. 2011


La Société des Ambianceurs et des Personnes Élégantes
is a movement in the Democratic Republic of Congo,
that hasn't ever stopped, even during war time.
Andrè Grenard Matsoua, 
was the first Congolese to come back from Paris in 1922,
well dressed like a true french monsieur
and greatly admired by all congo citizens. 
Today's members of the SAPE consider themselves as artists,
expressing their talents and pride, 
and are respected and admired by the congolese community. 
Making up his own clothes, 
the members take a creative touch to an often modest reality.
A member of the SAPE is not only a gentleman but also a pacifist. 
This old passion is the expression of an urban culture 
looking for new reference codes
such as no-violence, elegance and hope. 

I want to dedicate this post to a good colleague and friend of mine
who just discovered my blog yesterday!
Hope he likes it or at least he doesn't tease me very much, hehe ;)

Have a nice sunday!

3 mar. 2011


So, what's about my beloved readers?
How are u doing?
I'm right now thinking about the day of tomorrow..
Fridays, which mean holidays and usually a busy day for me!
By now, plan to go to the cinema in the afternoon
and improvise with any film... 
See'ya tomorrow!

Mango retro striped cardigan
L'oreal red nailpolish

Let's all make believe

Here they are
me wearing my new boots...
I'm falling asleep so bad right now
I go to bed immediately...!
Sweet dreams for all of u!!


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