28 ene. 2011

She's the one


Recently this is by far my dreamt outfit and my favourite model
Impressed by every single detail of these pieces
Know Balmain is always the same,
but what's the problem? that's simply because it works.. 
Christophe Decarnin has the secret formula...

25 ene. 2011

From my wardrobe with love

These pair of indian shoes aren't new at all
I bought them last year, but so few times have worn them
Don't know why, cause I really love'em...
suppose I wanna care them so much  :D

It's a joy when you rediscover new items in your wardrobe 
you haven't used for a while...
So, here they are, I show you my beloved indian booties.. 


23 ene. 2011

Random pics of Berlin

No need to say I had a wonderful time there visiting my brother...
Hope you're all enjoying the weekend, guys!

13 ene. 2011

MD bracelets

This is a gift I became in Christmas from my bf
Loved these bracelets since the first I saw them at the store
are created for men, but don't care, they fit me so well as a man haha
Enjoy the colours!!!

12 ene. 2011

Funny flash attempts

Taking experimental pics as these ones is always funny
Have also just ordered a remote control 
and will use it for sure...
In fact, can't wait anymore... :)

11 ene. 2011

Girl in leather pants

Via StockholmStreetStyle

As this girl, I am in love with leather pants...
Must show you mines from last year,
bought in Topshop...

Have a good night, guys!!

9 ene. 2011

I'm printing my life

One of my recent buys
Leopard printing once again
Can't wait to wear it and make a post for you...
Hope your weekend was great as mine
I've been doing some homework with my bf and shopping with friends
Spending the time with them is the most valuable thing I have..

Zara kids faux fur coat

8 ene. 2011

For Christmas time

These photos are taken just before a Christmas lunch with my bf's family
I decided to wear this warmy dress my bf gave to me 2 years ago..
I'm not used to wear so formal, so that's not so me
but, anyway, I show you also this part of my life ;)

Vintage dress
Belt from ?
Shoes from Zara

7 ene. 2011

A 100 summer dresses are never enough

Victoria Beckham


       Calvin Klein & Michael Kors


Topshop Unique

So I show you one of the new trends for the upcoming season
Monochrome acid summer dresses
Hope I find one suitable for me
But, at the moment, I'm back to my saving mode for a while!!

Have a great weekend, people!!

6 ene. 2011

Summer dresses 4 ever

The best buy in my wardrobe are always summer dresses
cause I use them either in summer or in winter,
for weekends or in my everyday,
with heels or flats
so, after all, a safe bet.
For those who liked the moccasins I showed you on the previous post, 
I suggest you to buy them, 
since they costed me only 20 euros after the sale discount!!

Dress from Blanco
Cardigan from Zara
Heels from Zara

5 ene. 2011

Leopard moccasins

Yesterday this big box arrived at its new home
And after opening it (not without several difficulties...)
there was a smaller box,
and after that, there was another...
no, ok, finally, I saw them!! ;)
My beloved leopard moccasins!!
Don't need to tell you how I love moccasins
don't need to describe you this particular print...

You only have to look at my face =D

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