5 ene. 2011

Leopard moccasins

Yesterday this big box arrived at its new home
And after opening it (not without several difficulties...)
there was a smaller box,
and after that, there was another...
no, ok, finally, I saw them!! ;)
My beloved leopard moccasins!!
Don't need to tell you how I love moccasins
don't need to describe you this particular print...

You only have to look at my face =D

7 comentarios:

  1. Son preciosos!!!!!! los quiero!!!

  2. OH.. lovely leopard flats.. so pretty
    I love Zara
    Lee x

  3. This is the weirdest thing ever but I was on zara online and thought ooooh these shoes are beaut and added them to my basket! and then i came across your blog, it's like a sign or something!!

    LOVE your blog

  4. Thank you, glad you liked them!! :D

  5. I saw them at Zara last week and thought about buying them, but I've got some leo ballett flats two weeks before and I thought it might be strange to buy so much leo in such a short time. when I see them now on your blog I deeply regrett it!
    yours annka from


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